Monospecific Rabbit Clonal Antibodies


APS is able to offer the design and production of high quality rabbit clonal antibodies. These antibodies are formed of a pure immunoglobulin fraction which recognises a single linear epitope on the antigen molecule. This immunoglobulin fraction corresponds to a single clone of B lymphocytes resulting in an antibody offering monoclonal characteristics resulting in a more specific antibody with significantly improved specificity, affinity and avidity.

For custom rabbit clonal projects all IP generated at any point of the production of the hybridoma remains the property of the client.

For off-the-shelf rabbit clonal antibodies download the product listing here:

Catalogue Rabbit Clonal Antibodies

For custom rabbit clonal antibodies download the product details here:

Catalogue Rabbit Clonal Antibodies


Custom rabbit clonal projects

These projects typically adhere to the following structure.

All custom rabbit clonal antibody projects are separated into phases, thereby enabling the project to be terminated at the end of any phase. No project will continue to the next phase without written confirmation being received from the client.

Phase One

Antigen Analysis and Selection

The analysis of the protein antigen molecule is of paramount importance. This analysis will result in the selection of the immunogenic sequence which includes the strictly linear (3-7 amino acids) antigen specific epitope.

Linear epitopes are important since these are always accessible from the hydrophilic domains of the antigen molecule, whereas steric epitopes frequently change their conformation during tissue preparation / fixation, protein extraction, etc., making the corresponding antibody less specific with less avidity.

APS provides support at each stage of the custom rabbit clonal project. Regular technical discussions are recommended between the customer and the technical team to ensure that the project is progressing to a satisfactory conclusion.


Phase Two

Peptide Synthesis

For further information concerning the choice and selection of a suitable antigen, please see our Antigen PDF document or contact our technical team for further assistance.


Phase Three

Rabbit Immunisation and collection of antiserum

Following a standard protocol the rabbit is immunised with the generated peptide. At the end of the protocol, raw rabbit anti-peptide polyclonal antiserum containing 7-15 fractions of IgG, corresponding to 7-15 linear epitopes, is collected and prepared for further processing.


Phase Four

In vitro cloning to produce clonal antibody

In vitro cloning following a proprietary methodology (patent pending) with separation of a single homologous fraction of IgGs. Selection of the clone offering the optimal specificity, avidity and affinity to the single linear epitope.

Time: 4-5 months from design phase to antibody production.


Phase Five

Bulk antibody production

Time: 3-6 weeks

APS can offer further large scale production of rabbit clonal antibodies. Production of any required quantities (µg, mg, or g of pure clonal IgG) is performed in vitro within bioreactor systems best suited to the specific rabbit clonal antibody.

Further purification steps are available. Please see the Purification section for further information.


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